About Us


We are a diverse group of local people united together with the common goal of helping refugees who find themselves in our area and working together to try and support Refugees generally.

We aim to help in the following ways: 

​Helping build a local network and support for those moving in to Epsom & Ewell, Ashtead and beyond.

1. Signpost to local agencies who can help with English classes, housing, clothing, food and other basic needs.

3. Working with other charities and organisations who can assist and offer advise and to build a strong local network of support.

4. Social events to enable refugees and hosts to meet others and learn from shared experiences. 

5. Coming together to try and address some of the greater issues around the current refugee crisis including possibly collections of money or goods to send abroad and helping campaign for positive changes.

Bank Account: 

Our bank account is now open for those who want to support us financially.  You can make a donation via the Donate button on this site or contact us for bank details if you want to transfer money directly to us. 

Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference.